Qaderoon initiative

From Egypt, the mother of the world and the creator of civilization, to the entire Arab world
The Qaderoon initiative is launched in partnership between Bareeq and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
To prepare a new generation of writers and purposeful content makers from school and university students
(preparation of 1000 content writers and creators)
In the first season

An introduction to the Qaderoon initiative.

The Qaderoon initiative is looking for distinguished talents in writing and vocal recitation in various schools and universities within Alexandria Governorate. The initiative covers young people in the basic education stage, in addition to students of various colleges.

The Qaderoon initiative works on three main axes, which are (discovering talent - refining talent through training and follow-up - spreading talent creations). them and directed at other children.

The first phase of the initiative:

The Qaderoon initiative works to discover talents related to writing and vocal recitation, as this will be done through evaluation tours for students of basic educational stages and university students as well in various local and international private schools and universities in Alexandria Governorate. The evaluation is carried out by a jury consisting of 3 members who specialize in discovering talents.

The second phase:

After selecting the gifted initially, the talents are filtered to the second stage, where the process of development, training and rehabilitation of all gifted children begins. This is done by securing all the training needs of the gifted during the stage of talent refinement, which allows access to the best child product.

All stages of training take place in specialized centers that are fully equipped to meet the training needs of the gifted, in addition to the presence of trainers specialized in the fields of writing, voice-over, and content creation.

The third and final stage:

After the training and qualification stage, we bring the talented people to the stage of production and community impact, in which work is done to produce complete books and stories written by the talented people, along with recording an audio library for the produced books. With the existence of an electronic platform, the first of its kind in the Arab world, on which the creations of talented people are published. With the possibility of displaying the produced books in international book fairs with the participation of Bareeq Publishing and Distribution.

Objectives of the Qaderoon initiative

Discovering the talents of children and youth and working on building and refining them.
Directing the energies of young people towards what benefits them, their communities and their countries.
Adopting Arab values and instilling the value of belonging to the homeland. - Enriching the literary scene with more creative content.
Creating a generation of writers and content makers who will address their generation in the same language they understand.

Qaderoon initiative and sustainable development

Sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The "Qaderoon" initiative seeks to achieve sustainable development by focusing on developing children's writing and content-making skills, which enables them to produce creative and useful content that benefits society in general. These skills can also enable children to achieve their professional and personal goals in the future, which contributes to achieving sustainable development in general.

Qaderoon initiative and community participation

1. Improving the level of education: the initiative helps to improve the level of academic achievement and language skills of students.
2. Developing creativity and critical thinking: the initiative helps children to express themselves creatively and develop critical thinking skills. 3.
Personality development: the initiative improves self-confidence, effective communication and the ability to express correctly.
4. Promoting social integration: The initiative works to promote social integration and reduce the gap between students from different backgrounds. Improving job opportunities: The initiative helps children develop their skills and experience in the field of writing and content creation, which improves their chances of getting good jobs in the future.

Blind children and people of determination.

Among the objectives of the "Qaderoon" initiative
Converting school curricula into audio and video books so that blind children and others of determination can make the best use of the educational process.

Advantages of sponsors:

The Qaderoon initiative allows sponsors to participate in the discovery of a talented generation and to provide the necessary community support, in addition to the presence and official presence of the Egyptian Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education. With the presence of leading personalities in the field of education.

The initiative also provides a huge marketing space, as the initiative will cover several advertising aspects, such as: - Placing the sponsor's logo on all publications related to the initiative. - Placing the sponsor's logo on the last product (the book). - Advertising on all social networking sites through special publications for the sponsor.

- Placing the sponsor's logo on external publications during the opening and closing ceremonies. - Placing the sponsor's logo on the main screen of the honoring stage. - Allowing a special word for one of the sponsoring company's officials. - Announcing the name of the sponsoring company in all visual media, such as (story, social media, live broadcast, etc.).

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